Safety Management Expert at Naviair
MSc. Risk Management & Societal Safety

Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark


As a highly motivated safety risk professional, it’s a personal drive for me to help organisations, businesses and all the people involved in those, in achieving the highest level of safety with minimal impact on the operations. I’ve always taken on new challenges with the organisation’s interests at heart with respect and interest in all parties involved.

I have first-hand practical experience with risk management, business continuity and risk resilience as an independent safety risk consultant and through my various positions. I hold a bachelor degree in emergency- and risk management from Metropolitan University College in Denmark coupled with a master’s degree in risk management and societal safety from the University of Stavanger, Norway.

Through hard work I’ve been able to succeed in an early professional career. Working with myriad cultural diversities I’ve gained exceptional understandings of cross-cultural adaption and I recognize the importance of adjusting key messages to the audience.

I often operate in high-stress environments and have a well-developed sense of situational awareness to handle complex and rapidly changing situations in which informed decisions need to be made.

Risk Management

Risk Resilience

Business Continuity

Crisis Management

Accident Investigation

Safety Management

Professional Profile

The combination of my specialised master’s degree within risk management focusing on cultural, structural and individualistic theories of safety science as well as my various working positions I have seen and experienced how every socio-technical systems depends on the integrity of a human envelope that develops, operates, maintains, interfaces, and evaluates the functioning of it.

I have a solid base -and is well trained -within the realm of risk management methods, tools and processes and I know when to use the different methodologies for different projects. I personally work with a dualistic approach to combine both individualistic and structural theories within safety science thereby embracing the many different epistemological positions a socio-technical system entails. However, I also do understand the importance of decomposing highly complex systems to gain more in-depth knowledge on specific phenomena.

Regardless, my heart is set on working with complex risk management quandaries and how to make sense of those challenges to other people; regardless of where in the hierarchical level they are located.

Recent Experience

Naviair, Denmark (2019 – now)

Safety Management Expert

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Societal Safety, Denmark (2012 – now)


Independent consulting company specialising in business continuity, risk management and risk resilience.

SNC-Lavalin Atkins, Denmark (2017 – 2019)

Risk Management Specialist

I advised clients in risk management activities within the industries pertaining to aviation, autonomous vehicles and railway. My focal areas were to facilitate risk workshops, carry out risk analyses, prepare reports, and provide recommendations for safe execution and operation of projects.

  • Took the role as an independent assessor (within the field of risk management) in tests with autonomous vehicles and in accordance with the Danish BEK no. 789
  • Conducted a risk assessment according to EASA CS-ADR-DSN Aerodromes Design within the aviation sector
  • Conducted numerous risk assessments according to CSM-RA within the railway sector
  • Taught risk management to internal and external parties

Tårnby Fire & Rescue, Denmark (2017 – 2019)


I worked as a part-time on-call firefighter at Tårnby Fire & Rescue which is responsible for fire, rescue and environmental tasks in the municipality of Tårnby, including Copenhagen Airport and the fixed connection to Sweden (Øresundsforbindelsen).

  • Operational experience with fire fighting, including smoke diving and rescue.
  • Tårnby Fire & Rescue had an average of over 400 fire/rescue calls every year (2012 – 2019).

Danske Bank A/S, Denmark (2016 – 2017)

Business Continuity Consultant

Development and implementation of ISO22301 business continuity management (BCM) framework for the entire Group. Development of a business impact analysis (BIA) self-assessment tool in Excel for the identification and prioritisation of critical business functions (CBF) and auto-calculation of rank/prioritisation of activities, processes and business units.

  • Development and implementation of the BCM framework.
  • Development and maintain the BC process.
  • Provide advice for business units about BCM; including the BIA process, business continuity plans (BCPs) and business continuity strategies (BCS)

Metro Service A/S, Denmark (2014)

Internal Crisis Management Coordinator

Facilitating workshops, planning and executing table-top exercises involving key personnel (including the Senior Management Team) at Metro Service A/S as well as selected individuals from Metroselskabet I/S.

  • Facilitated workshops and table-top exercises.
  • Educated on crisis management principles and legislation (BEK13, BEK14 and BEK1312).
  • Continuous development of the Safety Management System.


University of Stavanger, Norway (2014 – 2016)

MSc. in Risk Management and Societal Safety

Organisational Risk Resilience – Risk Assessments’ Contribution to Organisational Precursor Resilience

Courses followed:
– Accident Investigation (SAM600)
– Safety & Organisation (MSA230)
– Safety Management and Legal Regulation of HES / HSE / SQE (MEN255)
– Infrastructure and Vulnerability (SAM500)
– Crisis Management (MSA125)
– Risk Based Management (SAM510)
– Risk and Societal Safety (MSA115)
– Philosophy of Science and Ethics (MKK100)
– Qualitative Methods (MEN115)

Metropolitan University College, Denmark (2012 – 2014)

Bachelor, Emergency- and Risk Management

Assessing Organisational Resilience – A study of resilience in relation to business continuity and crisis management

Courses followed:

– Emergency service management, administration and development
– Operative management and the handling of crisis
– Professional emergency service analysis and prevention
– Emergency service Innovation
– Crowd safety management
– Safety analysis and safety management
– Theory and method

Metropolitan University College, Denmark (2010 – 2012)

AP Graduate, Emergency Technician

Police Academy Diversity – An evaluation of the post-educational reform intake

Courses followed:
– National emergency preparedness training and practice
– CBRNE-theory
– Organisation and management
– International disaster practice and theory
– LFA and international internship
– Human Resource Management
– Crisis Communication
– Preparedness-communication and method

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